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Shogun No Katana - Wandering Characters Expansion

Shogun No Katana - Wandering Characters Expansion

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Wandering Characters
This set contains 7 Wandering Character miniatures each one with its own rules (and sometimes, tiles and tokens). 4 of them are randomly placed on the main gameboard at
the beginning of the game and can be activated by the players to get special bonuses (different per each Character).

When you decide to activate a Character, you must first of all move it to another empty space on the
board .
Choose carefully where to place the Character, because
you might help the next player going after you, since
they can use the Wandering Character just like you did!

7 Miniatures
7 Character tiles
12 Master forger cards
15 Artist tiles
Plastic tray that fits with the base game

Game Stats

Case Quantity: 6

Number of Players: 1-4

Playtime: 45-90

Recommended Age: 14+

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