• Strategic Sales Planning for increased sales to FLGS in North America

    We build your strategic sales plan to reach North American Hobby Stores including:

    • Hiring, managing and training your sales team.
    • Building the communication plans to ensure consistent, friendly communication with retailers.
    • Develping in-store activities and events focused on inclusivity and increased sales
  • Distributor and Agency Management

    Working with Golden Goose ensures everyone is meeting their obligations:

    • Weekly communication plans
    • Weekly review of product availability in all market segments, retail and consumer levels.
    • Weekly reporting for visibility into sales and makreting activities in North America
  • Amazon and eCommerce Sales Management and Support

    Amazon, Shopify, and Mass Market '.com' strategy in line with our Hobby Retailer focus

    • Brand Protection support and service on Amazon.com
    • Full Store Management focused on increasing profitable sales and brand awareness
    • You maintain ownership and ultimate control over your store on all marketplaces
  • Increasing Sales into Mass Market Stores

    Our network of buyer relationships ensures your products will be considered for mass retail placement

    • Mass Market Lifecycle planning
    • Retail Ready product guidance so that your games are ready to meet Mass Market Distribution requirements
  • Best-In-Industry North American Logistics

    Golden Goose has a proven track record of getting the right product to the right place at the right time.

    • Personalized Warehouse activity profile.
    • Strategy focused on going to market
    • Using 3PL partners to meet needs as primary or secondary means of fulfillment.
  • Product Launches in the North American Market

    Whether you're completely new and launching from Kickstarter, or just new to North America, you can count on:

    • Secure Distribution
    • Web-hosted product training meetings for Hobby Sales teams and Hobby Shops
    • Email and Phone/SMS marketing campaigns

Reach out to us for more information