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Shogun No Katan - Geisha

Shogun No Katan - Geisha

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The Character
The Geisha is one of the Characters that can be placed on the board at the beginning of the game. She comes with a set of 15 Geisha tokens (3 per type of 5 types).

Each token represents one of the arts she has mastered. Randomly place 3 of them on her tile and leave the others in a pile nearby. When you encounter her, take one of the 3 tokens from her tile, then replace it with a random one from the pile.
At the end of the game, score the points shown on her tile for each set of different tokens you have collected (based on the number of tokens in each set).

1 Miniature
1 Character tile
15 Geisha tokens

Game Stats

Case Quantity: 6

Number of Players: 1-4

Playtime: 45-90

Recommended Age:

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