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Knight Models

Scarecrow Crew: Trick-Or-Treat

Scarecrow Crew: Trick-Or-Treat

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No one is safe from Scarecrow's crew: Trick or Treat. Their multiple Fear mechanics will sow chaos, play with the rival and disrupt all their plans. Besides, the traits of each character, such as the Nightmares that get Regeneration, can be used to create a strategy that makes you gain control of Gotham City.


  • 9 detailed thermoplastic miniatures ready to assemble and paint.
  • 1 plastic base of 60 mm.
  • 40 mm plastic bases.
  • 6 30 mm plastic bases.

Game Stats

Case Quantity: 10

Number of Players: 2+

Playtime: 60 Mins

Recommended Age: 14+

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