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Players take turns clockwise. On their turn, they either place a face up tile OR place a face down tile. If they cannot do neither, they show their tiles and pass (draw 2 tiles).
Each face up tile must be placed adjacent to an already placed tile as long as it remains within a 4x4 grid or 5x5 grid. If you place a new Front tile, you draw 2 Tiles, these can be covered by Back tiles.

If you place a back tile it must "beat" a face-up tile by respecting Rock Scissor Paper. You do not draw and these tiles are “blocked”, because you cannot cover them.
You have 2 different possibilities to win: by aligning 3 Front tiles of your color or by aligning 3 Back tiles of your color.

Do not underestimate your opponents and pay attention to the game. Remember to cover all your fronts as victory comes in 2 different ways !

Linx also has a team game mode, in which two teams of 2 players compete.

Game Stats

Case Quantity: 12

Number of Players: 2-4

Playtime: 10-20 Mins

Recommended Age: 8+

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