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Dark Angels Primarch Lion El‘Jonson

Dark Angels Primarch Lion El‘Jonson

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JOYTOY was founded in 2015. It is a science fiction mecha model toy brand with full independent intellectual property rights in China. Over the past seven years, we have been focusing on the incubation of peripheral model toys in the fields of animation, film and television, and games. We aim to fill the vacancy of adult model toy brands in add impetus to the development of local model toy culture in world.

The JOYTOY team is made up of outstanding illustrators, original designers, 3D modelers, engineers and outstanding talents in different professional fields. We have completed a full industrial chain layout from creation, design, research and development, production and manufacturing to market channels, thus forming a high-quality and stable business model.

JOYTOY will continue to explore excellent IP works at home and abroad. While maintaining steady development, we strive for innovation and uphold the idea of combining art and toys, committed to becoming an excellent comprehensive model-toy product development platform through the fusion of culture and creativity, with creating “unprecedented toys” as our core philosophy.

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