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Dux Somnium



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Experience the thrill of the hunt in Botany: the ultimate Victorian flower collecting game for 1 to 5 botanists.

Take on the role of a plant hunter in the Victorian Era as they travel the world in search of fame, fortune, and the coveted Queen’s Prize in Botany. Each turn, players will move around the board to the locations designated on the Specimen cards in their hand. While they travel the globe, each player will need to manage their expedition funds, overcome events, and acquire items, crew, and pets to help them along their journey. Each time players return to their estate, they will add their live and pressed specimens to their garden and build garden features such as orangeries and conservatories. The player with the most points at the end of the game earns the Queen’s Prize in Botany and is the winner.

1-5 Players, For Ages 10+, 45-90 minute playtime


  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Unique Estate Boards
  • 105 Specimen Cards
  • 10 Wardian Cases
  • 5 Botanical Presses
  • 5 Conservatory Cards
  • 10 Orangery Cards
  • 5 Poisonous Path Cards
  • 76 Event Cards
  • 50 Expedition Cards
  • 12 Character Cards
  • 5 Player Reference Cards
  • 7 Scoring Bonus Cards
  • 90 Cardboard Tokens
  • 2 Dice
  • 10 Wooden Pawns
  • 1 Queens Prize in Botany Card

Game Stats

Case Quantity: 6

Number of Players: 1-5

Playtime: 45-90 Mins

Recommended Age: 10+

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