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Kelp: Brilliant Behaviors Expansion

Kelp: Brilliant Behaviors Expansion

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Dive even deeper into the world of Kelp! Discover new layers of strategy for both players. Use them in any combination. Give new players an advantage, change the board or ride a jellyfish.

Brilliant Behaviors Expansion Set consists of 4 different Mini Expansions:

  • The Jellyfish - Ride a Jellyfish and let it steal energy from the Shark.
  • The Zones - Now it's your turn as the Shark to manipulate the board. Obstruct the plans of the Octopus, but raise the stakes for yourself in return.
  • The Coconut - Hide the Octopus under a coconut, and make it harder to attack! Or don't... and stick the coconut on a shell to confuse the Shark!
  • The Dens - Visit your dens to collect powered-up growth tiles.

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