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Bear Mountain Camping Adventure: Extreme Weather Expansion

Bear Mountain Camping Adventure: Extreme Weather Expansion

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Don't forget your umbrella and rain boots to combat the extreme weather introduced in this expansion. Earn a lantern to protect your hand and experience even more fun activities.

With this expansion, weather will affect how the game is played through Weather Events. All of the possible Weather Events are shown across the Weather Board.

The game is played in rounds. The first round starts before the first player takes their turn, and ends when the gameplay gets back around to the first player (just before they take their second turn). The purpose of the Weather Event Tracker matching the color of the first player's Player Mover (camper) is so that all players know exactly when each round begins and ends.

At the beginning of each round, players decide who will roll the Weather Die for the round (it doesn't matter who rules the dice each round), to see which Weather Event will take effect.

To know which die to roll each round, you will look at the forecast. If the Forecast Token is sitting on a sunny space then you'll rule the white Weather Die. If it's sitting on a stormy space, you'll roll the black Weather Die. Since the Forecast Token starts on his sunny space, you'll roll the white Weather Die for the first round.

After rolling the die, move the Weather Event Tracker to the Weather Event for that round. This way, all players will know what the Event is throughout the round. You can then put the Weather Die back in its space on the Weather Board.

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